Sunday, July 13, 2008

Words/Phrases We've Grown to HATE

Diagnosis..ER..blood clots..anger/agitation..depression..foley..antibiotics..speech & swallow..pneumonia..hospice..breakdown..aspiration..pulmonary embolism..seizures..dehydration..ambulance..fever..contracture..myoclonic jerks..dysphagia..CtScan..hoyer......ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE.

Mike is home. Yesterday he had a decent day. He ate all his breakfast (2 pancakes, sausages and yogurt). He skipped lunch. For dinner he had meat, veggies and potatoes. He had yogurt again for dessert (with his medicine in it). Overall, he drank about 60 oz of fluids. He did not urinate all day, but did go overnight.

Today is not so good. He woke up dry, went into his nap dry. He's only had about 8 oz. so far, and 1/2 cup of yogurt. He only had a few spoons of my eggs.

As I mentioned previously, the roller coaster ride is getting more intense. I am not on the same ride as Courtney and Brandon and I am concerned...for all of us. The drops are much more intense and frequent - the inclines very far and few between. I am always looking for a way for the ride to stop, but I know that can only happen one way.

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