Monday, July 21, 2008

Is it Me?

OK, it MUST be me.

I get a phone call from my MOM today at 1:00 telling me that our aide, Mary, said she needs to leave because she has a doctor's appt. today at 2:45.!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I saw Mary all weekend and this morning and she never mentioned anything to me. She told my mom that she had made this appointment a month ago and could NOT re-schedule it. What is that?? She said it is with a clinic, not a private doctor, and they basically give you the next available time. I feel REALLY bad, but I told her that she couldn't leave because I just couldn't get up and leave my job. She felt because my mom, brother and the kids were at home that they could take care of Mike. Even though he was going in for his nap, he would still have to be cleaned when he woke up and given dinner.

Is it me? Am I the crazy one? Nathan used to do the same thing. He would wait until the last minute and slam me with stuff like this, and then I would feel bad. If Mary had this appointment scheduled for a month, why did she wait until the time she had to leave to tell me?? Can you imagine doing that at your job?

I need to have a talk to her when I get home. I think it's because I'm such a sucker with these people. I just don't get it.

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