Saturday, July 5, 2008

No Way Left But Up

Sorry for not updating sooner but to say things have been crazy would be an understatement. Where does one begin, let's start with Mike.

I have spent 12 hour days at the hospital for 5 days so far and have not seen any of his doctors. I assume they must come in before I get there at 9am. I HAVE spoken to the Resident on the floor and that's who's been keeping me best as she can.

--Mike's EEG results came back "normal" with no sign of seizures. Huh?! What were those episodes that even the respiratory specialist categorized as one? I was informed that they are just a normal progression of the disease. They cause no pain/harm to Mike and there's nothing we can do. Some days he's had quite a few, other days (like today) only 1 or 2. Not the best answer, but an honest answer nonetheless.
--Mike's x-ray of his abdomen showed no signs of blockage, only "poop". With the help of the colasce (sp?), He's been going regularly everyday so far. His fist clenching has stopped and he's eating a little better, but still not as much as he used to. I can only assume that this is also another step down in the disease process, although no doctor has said the same to me.
--Yesterday he was given another patient's antibiotic (thankfully it was the same kind and dosage) and today I noticed a horrific rash under his arm. Apparently when he is washed in the morning, they just keep adding powder and they do not clean it. I can't even begin to tell you how red and sore it was. It was so bad that it was bleeding. The nurse gave me some bacetracin to put on it after I cleaned it. I actually cried at the sight of it and felt partially responsible for not seeing it sooner.

On to other things....
---I've had a pain in my side for the last month. Sometimes it hurts so much to even walk. I wanted to make an appointment with my Dr., but can't plan anything not knowing what's going on with Mike. The whole thing makes me nervous because the pyschic I went to last year said to be careful about my left side near my ovaries.
---I've had a leak on the side of the house for about a month now that has not been fixed. When I had some extra money, I didn't have the time to arrange a plumber to fix it, now I have neither.
---The other night, after a long day at the hospital, we came home, ate and put on the TV. Shortly thereafter, it made a popping sound and then went out and started smelling like burnt plastic. We've had no TV for about 4 days. This one was my brother's, so hopefully one day soon we can get to his storage facility and get our old one out to use. In the mantime I have no idea where we will keep this 52" TV that he wants to see if it can be fixed???
---Two days ago I was at the hospital and my mom called me to tell me my clothes dryer broke. C0uld it get ANY worse???
---That same night Brandon yelled down from upstairs that the toilet handle broke. My answer to that was "of course it did". Should I expect anything less these days???

I am being tested to the maximum right now and I am not sure how much more I can take. I pray everyday for answers and for the strength to get through this low time in my life.

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