Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Basket Case and More

I would first like to thank my sister, brother in law, nieces and nephew for the MOST delicious Edible Arrangement they sent. It was beautiful and the fruit was scrumptious. What a wonderful surprise. I had previously thanked my friend Rhonda in Florida for the Cookies by Design platter. Cookies are our downfall.

Now I am at a loss. Today we recieved a wonderful fruit basket. The card was written beautifully and it mentioned that fact that this person doesn't "talk on a regular basis" with us, but there was no signature. It was sent by 1-800-Flowers so I called them to find out who sent it. The operator put me on hold while she called the "customer" to see if they could release that information. She came back on the phone and said he customer wanted to "remain anonymous". That's so frustrating. All afternoon I've been trying to figure out who would send something and WHY they wouldn't want me to know about it. I just want to thank them for being so thoughtful and for such a beautiful card.

If it was sent by anyone that reads this Blog, THANK YOU.

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