Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Unknown

I would first like to thank Rhonda for those delicious cookies. What a wonderful surprise and totally unexpected. Thank you to Aunt Barbara abd Uncle Bernie for your beautiful e-card. You ALWAYS know how to make me cry.

With any luck, Mike should be home tomorrow. He's slowing down alot and I have begun to make calls about hospice. My goal will be to find one that will work with us. The kids and I need to know that we will have done EVERYTHING we could. We do not know at this point if Mike is slowing down because of the infection or because of the progression of the disease. Our situation is the classic example of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Quite a few times over the last few years we have been told, "it's the beginning of the end", "expect the worst", but Mike has always bounced back. Had we given in when we were first told this, we wouldn't have had the last 3 years with Mike. We have no idea what to expect when the time comes, because we have been given such wrong information before.

I imagine the next few weeks and months will be QUIET difficult. Only time will tell. I've already told Mike that we will do whatever he wants. He may not be able to speak with actual words, but he will let us know in his actions.

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