Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Mike did well today..BUT he has had such bad tremors/shakes, that at time his arms almost hit the bed rails. He did NOT have these before he went into the hospital. They can be caused by a change in his medication (2 very strong antibiotics) or the infection itself. Whatever is causing it, needs to be addressed because Mike is basically non-stop all afternoon. He does not have the "one on one" this time, so I have no idea if he's like this at night. Is he sleeping OK or does he shake all night? He was breathing heavy again today but that's probably because he's been moving so much. His legs must hurt from the clots because he's also moving them. He was supposed to be put in the Geri Chair like he is at home, but he was not put in it today. They offered at 4pm, but that was too late for him. He's been eating/drinking so well that his nurse was even amazed.

A big problem we have this time is his room. Our "angel" Jean, in patient relations always tried to get him in a room by himself, mainly because he always has someone with him. This time it didn't happen and he has a roommate. That doesn't matter to us, but his side of the room is only about 10x5. In order to get next to his bed you have to "shimmy" by sideways. There's hardly any room for chairs. It's difficult to visit him and not a very easy situation. Now I know why the previous patient in this space always sat out in the hallway. I have NO IDEA how they plan on using the hoyer and geri chair in this room tomorrow. It's impossible at best.

I have a feeling the doctor will try to release Mike tomorrow. I know he knows that I like Mike to be at home. He should also know by now that I don't want to bring Mike home prematurely, and then have to bring him back AGAIN. If he does mention him going home, I will inidcate that I am not comfortable with that until the neurologist can figure out what's causing his tremors and how he can fix them. I want to bring Mike home when he's fully healed, not partially. It's not fair to him or to us.

The kids took their last final today and they are now finished for the summer. I went to a focus meeting at the JCC for their "Let's Do.." series for EOAD families. They are trying to get spouses together so we can go out to dinner once a month and for the kids to get together at their facility for pizza and swimming. It will be a way for us to get away from the stresses for a few hours. Sounds like a plan for me..........

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