Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh, Those Dimples

Mike is doing well. Last night he surprised us. Right before it was time to get him ready for bed, he lifted up his head when he heard Courtney talk and looked right at her. I was sitting on the other side and when he heard my voice, he turned his head to look at me. When my brother was going up to bed, I asked Mike to give him a smile, and he looked right at my brother. He had a REALLY good day yesterday, therefore, so did I. Now more than ever, his mood will definitely determine my state of mind.

The kids are winding down on their finals. Today was Courtney's toughest. She had a REALLY BAD history teacher this year and we all found it appropriate that her final was on Friday the 13th. Brandon seems to be taking his tests in stride, although at the beginning of the week, he was REALLY on edge. The teachers put so much pressure on them. Tuesday will be their last test and then they're off for the summer. They plan on working at their middle school camp again this year. They enjoyed it the last few years and getting paid was a bonus.

(Picture was taken today. Gotta love that smile.)

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