Thursday, June 26, 2008

Home Again

Mike came home yesterday afternoon. So far so good. Of course, he seems to be coughing more than he did in the hospital, but then again, maybe that's a sign that the antibiotics are working?? His toe is still bandaged up, as I was told they took half the nail off. I wasn't given any special instructions on it's care, but hopefully our usual "visiting podiatrist" will be by in a few days to check it out. Mike will still be on the antiobiotic for another 7 days.

Last night he was very sleepy - could be the infection or just being "home". Who knows, hopefully he'll perk up. His back and bottom look HORRIBLE. The heat rash was SO unnecessary and it pains me when I look at it. Mike must be SO uncomfortable. We have the creams etc. to care for it, but I'm always concerned that the rash will open up, and another infection will occur. Beside the fact that it cannot be pleasant for Mike. He has been through hell and back and can never seem to get a break.

Beside all the upheaval at home, my office is moving. The last few days have been hectic and tomorrow we will be out of commission all day. Because of all the packing and dust, my allergies/sinus's are in full swing and I feel so sick. My head is congested, my nose running - I'M A MESS.

No rest for the weary...................

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