Friday, June 6, 2008

On his way

Mike seemed better yesterday. They followed my suggestion (will find out if it is good or bad) and are giving Mike his additional medication only at night. Because of this, Mike was MUCH more awake today. He ate half his breakfast, a little lunch and a little dinner. We are starting off slow, considering his stomach has been empty for so long. I don't want to overload him because of his stomach issues. He smiled and even tried to laugh a few times. When we left the hospital last night, I noticed that his left arm was swollen. He's had the IV in that location since Sunday and I think it became compromised. They shut off the IV and had called the special "IV Team" to try to find another vein for Mike. He always has the same problem after being on the hospital for a while. If they can't locate a vein, they will not be able to hydrate him or give him his one medication that is administered through IV. I will be calling this morning to find out what happened with that.

I pray that the infection is slowly going away and the medication is being given correctly. I hope that today will be as good as yesterday and that Mike is on his way to getting strong so that he can come home.

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