Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mike is Home

We brought Mike home yesterday in 103 degree temperature. He seemed to do well, actually better than all of us :). Of course my main concern was hydration and he seemed to do OK. Although around 4-5pm, he seemed to be completely "out of it" again, just like when he was in the hospital. It took quite some time to get his medicine in him, but we did it. He went to bed a little earlier, but looked oh so comofrtable in his own bed all snuggled up. It was nice to have him back. He slept good through the night - I'm sure he didn't miss the hospital noise and interruptions. I will be waking him up in a few minutes and hopefully today will go well.

The kids have their finals this week and are on edge. Brandon had somewhat of a breakdown last night, Courtney's had her turn this morning. They take these tests VERY seriously and even though they each have an approx. 95 overall average, the still fear that they will bomb the tests. They put so much pressure on themselves. I will be happy for both of them when they finish their last test next Monday.

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