Saturday, June 21, 2008

Energizer Bunny

Last night right before I left the hospital, I noticed that Mike's big toe was all red, swollen and green. I called the nurse in and she requested that the Resident come in. When I left, they had ordered a "podiatrist consult". This morning, the podiatrist had obviously been in because Mike's toe was cut open. Apparently, it was infected and they had to drain it. It appears the antibiotic he's on for the pneumonia is also good for soft tissue, so it will cover this toe infection.

After I tended to his toe, I went to give him a hug and noticed he was saturated in sweat. The air in his room had been shut off and he was hot. I requested the aid to change him and I helped her out. In doing so, I noticed a terrible rash on his back. It went down his side and even under his arm. The doctor prescribed hydrocortisone for "heat rash". If this is a heat rash, it's THE WORST rash I have ever seen. By the end of the night I requested that a dermotologist come in to check it out because it had gotten worse. It was so bad and so red, it almost looked purple. If it is a heat rash, maybe it's because someone turned the air off in his room. All totally unacceptable.

Once again, I feel so bad for Mike. Pneumonia, toe infection and heat rash. He's a mess, but in true Mike form, he's still smiling.

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