Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I called the hospital this morning, as usual, to talk to Nathan and see how Mike was doing. Nathan advised that Mike was "NPO" (this means "nothing by mouth"). He got the nurse on the phone for me and she told me that Mike had some "seizure-like tremors" last night and the doctor decided to do this as a precaution.

If I didn't give Mike food every time he "trembled", the guy would never eat. They are SO concerned with liability that I am crazed. Last week when we questioned them 2-3 times about the blood in Mike's urine, they couldn't be bothered. We were told it was "sediment" or that it happens sometimes when a catheter is in. That to me was much more serious, yet they blew us off. Last night he shook a little and today they won't let him eat. I don't get the logic there and I can't wait to go up to the hospital to talk to the Resident.

My heart breaks for Mike as I wonder just how much he knows. He's allowed to eat one day, not allowed the next. He did so well last night with his food that I was looking forward to him eating today. He needs to get stronger so he can come home. Just because he cannot communicate, doesn't mean he doesn't know. I hope he doesn't think we're starving him. I'm afraid once they finally let him eat, he won't remember how.

I hope he knows how much we love him and are fighting for him on a daily basis.

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