Friday, March 28, 2008


Today started off with a bang. Mike is Ok, it's not that. Courtney and Brandon had planned on going to the movies with their respective friends and then going to lunch. A great way to end their vacation. But -
----This morning my brother came over and approached me about moving in with us. With his current pay cut, he can no longer afford his apartment. He hopes it will only be temporary until he can save enough money to get back on his feet. Of course, I say no problem, but I will need plenty of time to empy out mine and Mike's old bedroom to make room for his stuff. He will also need to find a storage facility so he can put all his furniture in storage.
----As I am trying to figure out how Courtney and Brandon will get to their movies, my mom tells me that Mary ( Mike's aide) has bad news. She cannot stay the whole day today because SHE has to move. She rented a room from someone and apparantly they threw her out. Her nephew is coming in from CT. to take her furniture to donate to the Salvation Army. She plans on storing her clothes at her friends house. She will be leaving at noon to do all this. Courtney steps into the picture to say that she will cancel her plans so she can stay home with Mike. I tell her NO, that I will have to leave work at noon. She gets very upset because she WANTS to take care of Mike. short. My brother will be moving in with us, Mike's aide has no place to live right now, Courtney had to cancel her plans for the day and my head is spinning. Through it all, I keep telling myself how blessed I am that I still have a job (with paycut and all) and a roof over our heads. The ecomony is so bad right now, and so many people are suffering. It hurts me to see people that I care about struggling the way they are, and I feel helpless that I can't do more for them. Once again, I rely on my faith.

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