Monday, March 10, 2008


So, on Friday, Nathan hurt his back getting Mike ready in the morning. I got a call last night that the agency hasn't been able to find a replacement for him. I will be home today with Mike.
-Brandon left for school VERY upst and sick. Despite being on an antiobiotic since November, his sinus's are still bothering him and today his throat and stomach hurt. Compounded with that, he's worried about homework for one of his subjects and a sport he tried out for. He's also scheduled today for a chest x-ray.
-The last week or so, I noticed a leak under my kitchen sink. Over the weekend, I saw where the water was coming from and touched the pipe. Lo and behold, the pipe it was tin foil. THANKFULLY, my brother came to the rescue and replaced the drains pipes and saved me a few hundred dollars in plumbers fees (which I didn't have anyway).
-I woke up today with terrible sinus pains myself, but I have to stay home and take care of Mike. I'm also nervous about missing yet ANOTHER day from work, especially considering the recent turn of events with my job. This is all the TRUE reality of being a caregiver.
-Oh yeah, I almost forgot. About a month or so ago, after Mike had his last "S", I came down with ezcema. I never had it before in my life and boy was I suffering. I scratched my legs until they bled. My dermatologist gave me sample cream because my insurance co. would not pay the$300.00+ that the medicine cost. I was told that ezcema can be caused by stress. Stress, who has stress????? Anyway, after this past weekend, my ezcema came back. No surprise.
I KNOW things can be worse, but after the last week or so, I am completely overwhelmed. I pray things will work themselves out and I'm trying to stay positive.

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