Saturday, March 29, 2008

Angels- Part I

This disease has surely taken away so much from us, but has also given so much. Quite a few angels have graced our lives and I want you to meet each of them. In no particular order, I will be writing about them in the following posts.

I have a dear friend whom I met during the first day of school when Brandon was in first grade. Her son was new to the school. She's a nurse and we immediately clicked. She's helped us out so much over the years - arranging "garden parties" (parents from our school that took time out of their weekend to clean up our yard while Mike was in the hospital for 2 months back in 2004), shuttling Courtney and Brandon places and offering countless advise and information on Mike's illness.

Four years ago, we were nominated for Extreme Make-Over Home Edition and surprisingly enough I was contacted by one of their producers. For about 4 weeks, things were crazy, but we did what we had to do, because we thought we were getting our home remodeled. I was desperate to make our house handicap accessible for Mike and his future needs. Without giving away show secrets and going into great detail, let's just say our house remains the way it was when we purchased it back in 1990. I was DEVASTATED for Courtney and Brandon that they were lead on by the poducers. How could they do this to a family already in crisis?

Well since then, my dear friend has tried so hard to help us do something for our home. Every once in a while I get an e-mail from her asking for pictures, and I know she's up to something. Her mind always seems to be spinning and it warms my heart to know that she's always looking out for us. Even though nothing has ever come from her hard work, I feel truly blessed for having a friend like her. She's an angel and will ALWAYS hold a special place in our hearts.

Thank you Mary :)

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the carrolls said...

no comment
i only wish there was more we could do for you
i only wish i could help you through your difficult times
i only wish you would just ask us for some help -ok
we love you guys
mary chris and jimmy