Sunday, March 9, 2008


I came across the following poem I found years ago. It's something we all need to remember, whether there's disease/illness in our family or not...

Three Words: A Caregiver Poem
by Marie Henderson

Although my battle's over, the war has just begun,
I'd like to share what I have learned, with each and every one.

I wish I knew the way, to make your understand.
The power that you hold in the palm of just one hand.

The power of a smile, a kiss, a hug, a touch,
The power of soft spoken words, that mean so very much.

Don't give into your anger, frustration or your grief,
Reach inside your heart, and you will find relief.

Don't let the simple things become too hard to do.
I promise there is power in those three words "I Love You".

As you enter on this journey, let God's power guide the way.
Fill your mind with patience, and your heart with love each day.

And when you feel the anger rising up inside of you,
Make use of all the power in those three words, "I Love you".

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