Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wish for Good Health

Everyone is sick today. Well almost everyone.....
Brandon's throat has been bothering him and I made him stay home from school today. He wanted to go so bad, but I made the parental decision, which believe it or not, he was not happy about. The last time his throat hurt this bad, I had him at the hospital with the swine flu (back in the spring). He's the ONLY one in the family that has not had the regular flu shot, so I am concerned.
My mom didn't come today because she is sick also. She has had some kind of bacterial infection for months that just does not seem to go away, despite antibiotics like Cipro. Her problem began last year when she somehow caught MRSA from Mike. Her arthritis is also been acting up, so she's miserable.
Mike woke up "stuffy" today, so I'm keeping an eye on that. I'm hoping it was just from the heat in the house, even though I DID keep the window open a little. All it takes is something little, so I always get nervous.
I'm exhausted. I attempted to go to bed early last night, but that didn't happen. They say to be careful what you wish for, but I just wish for one or two good night's sleep , as long as everyone remains healthy and my good night's rest isn't a result of an illness.


Liz said...

May you all feel better soon and Karen I hope you can get to sleep early tonight! Liz

Diane said...

Karen, why do you always seem to have more than your share? No wonder you're exhausted! I hope your son and husband feel better, but I am concerned about your Mom. She's sick way too long. Hopefully she'll get to the bottom of that too. As for you...GET SOME SLEEP! You know what they say about the caregiver...no time for you to get run down! So settle into a soft blanket and take care of Karen. (((Hugs)))


Karen H said...

Diane -

Thanks for the hugs. I didn't get much sleep again last night. Not sure what's bothering Mike, but he seems to be uncomfortable. Will be watching him more closely.