Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wedding Memories

21 Years ago today, Mike and I were married.

Today is filled with all sorts of memories - good, bad, happy, hopeful and of course, sadness. This is the one day that can really only be shared with your spouse.

It was about 56 degrees and a little misty. We had a beautiful dogwood in the front of our house and I was disappointed because I wanted to get a picture in front of it. I remember the phographer taking the time to position me on the walkway so he could get the dogwood in the backround. I was really nervous about Mike getting to the church on time. He was ALWAYS running late. He had no problem that day though. He was really nervous, I was nervous, but even more excited. During the ceremony, we laughed at my BIL's mustache as he did his reading and I remember Mike whispering "don't drip, don't drip" when we lit our unity candles. We danced our first dance to Genesis' Follow You Follow Me (hence the name of my blog). No one really knew the song, but it made a lasting impression on everyone. I gave Mike a nice slice of wedding cake but he gave me a HUGE slice - and I was still chewing it when I danced with my dad to Harry Chapin's Tangled Up Puppet. I cried like a baby the whole dance. I remember my Aunt and Uncle caught the bouquet and garter and thought it odd that brother and sister were participating in the "garter placing" event. I remember a few of our friends dancing on the tables to Wipe-Out and doing a conga line to Locomotion. I loved the 80's!!! When the night was nearing it's end, I got upset that it all seemed to go so fast, then I remembered that we were leaving the next morning on our honeymoon to Key West and Disney. I remember being worried about Mike driving back to our aprtment because he had a little too much to drink and it was hard to miss us because our friends had decorated our car quite well.

I remember all this and more and my heart breaks because I know that Mike doesn't remember any of it.

Happy 21st Anniversary Mike. I Love you..........


Charles Travis said...

Happy Anniversary. I know Mike would want you to enjoy his company today. Give him a big hug & kiss from us. PA Travis Gang

Karen H said...

I will do that. I'm hoping the Yankees give him a good anniversary gift (IF they play). Love to all-

Kerry said...

Thank you for sharing your sweet memories especially the connection to your blog title. You are a wonderful wife and mother and an inspiration to so many.
Happy Anniversary

Diane said...

Happy Anniversary Karen and Mike! A beautiful love story of two souls that never forget.

trish said...


Happy anniversary to you & Mike!