Monday, October 19, 2009

I Miss My Computer

I HATE not having a working home computer, especially since our story ran in Newsday. Many people have been e-mailing me, blogging me and posting on FB, but without a computer, I can only respond from work. Right now I am on my lunch hour trying to get many responses out. Sorry if you've contacted me and haven't heard back, but this is why. Just like everything else in the world, we don't know how much something means to us until we don't have it.

Last week, I was able to watch and read a few other stories in Newsday. As I read about poor Mr. Rowe and his daughter, I can remember all too well when Mike was at that stage of the illness. My heart broke for the daughter who just wanted to care for her dad, but like me, and all other caregivers in the home, she was met with obstacle upon obstacle. When I read about the Deckers, I watched in awe as Mrs. Decker's health declined. What amazes me to this day is that Mike's health has been like that numerous times, but each time, he rebounded - hence our name for him: The Energizer Bunny. While it's our cute pet name for Mike, I often wonder what God's plan is. It is apparent that Mike is still needed here for something. He has bounced back, when so many others were ready to throw in the towel. Why is that? I look into his eyes and wonder what lesson will he be teaching us that has not yet been taught.

My sister also helped solve a mystery today. Since the story ran, I was getting mail at home, from some very kind people, but I could NOT figure out how they were gtting my home address. It appears that when you go onto the White Pages and put in a person's name and town, their full address comes up. Who knew - but that explains alot.

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