Monday, October 26, 2009

Just Another Day

Yesterday, Courtney and I did the Memory Walk in NYC. I met David Hyde Pierce (He played Niles, Frasier's brother on the show of the same name). He has worked tirelessly for YEARS in raising awareness and it was such a pleasure to talk to him one on one. We had a great day among many people all fighting the same war. I hope to have some pictures added soon, but I need Courtney's help.

This morning Brandon woke up tired (from watching his beloved Yankees win last night) and his ankle was sore. His sinus's have been bothering him also, so basically, he's a mess. He went off to school very tired. As soon as he walked out the door, Courtney called. Her eye was killing her, it was tearing and irritated. She said it felt like something was in it, and she couldn't get it out. After a few phone calls, I got her to the eye doctor at 10:00 a.m. (she missed her classes today). Bottom line, she has an infection in her eye. She's miserable. Oh yeah, and Mike's aid told me that she was going to be out on Friday. All this and it's only 11:00 a.m.

Times like this is when I realize just how lucky I am that Mike is "healthy". Throw that issue into the mix, I would have been BEYOND crazy. As long as he is "status quo", I can't ask for more. When my day is done and my body can't do one more thing, I will lay next to him and be thankful that he is still with me.

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