Friday, October 30, 2009

The hospice nurse came by yesterday and Mike's BP was 80/55. It's lower than normal, but then again, he was sleeping. His normal is 90 (100)/50 (60). I will be keeping an eye on that as usual, because that could be an indication of dehydration.
I stayed home with Mike today and we had a good day. usually when I am at home with him I get very emotional and sad. Today he ate and drank well for me, which is always a good thing, especially after his low BP reading yesterday.
Courtney came home today and will be spending the night, which was good timing because Brandon is spending a few nights at his friend's house. He will be going "trick or treating" over there tomorrow night and hopefully he will behave himself. I pray his ankle stays well, it's been bothering him ALOT lately.
I've been getting a strong sense of what it will be like when both Courtney and Brandon will be on their own. I'm not sure it will be something I like.

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karen said...

Getting mom to eat and drink is one of my hardest jobs. Good luck and I hope you had a great Halloween.