Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Extreme Validation

Back in 2004, my family was nominated for the show, Extreme Make-Over Home Edition. I didn't know it until I received a call from one of the producers. They called a few times, came to our house a few times (we had to scramble, often at the last minute, to NOT be at home, all the while we had Mike who was sick). They spoke on the phone to Courtney and Brandon and asked: what they would like done, how the would like their rooms and where they would love to go. As fast as they came into or lives, they were gone. No explanation. I never got over that, not for me, but for my children. How could the producers take a family in such turmoil and heartache, give them hope, and then just dump them?? I was SO ANGRY about what they did to Courtney and Brandon. They were so devastated from losing a little of their dad each and every day, and then they thought they were going to get a new house. The excitement brought a new hope to them....... then nothing. I never had anything against the other families that DID get a make-over, but it was the way in which my children were treated that made me angry. People who knew us, all knew we deserved it. It was something I could never get over and could never understand.
Fast forward 5 years and our story appears in Newsday. My friend gave our article to her cousin to read and this girl said, THAT'S THE FAMILY THAT DIDN'T GET PICKED FOR EXTREME MAKE-OVER???!!!!!
Strangely enough, I felt validated. All our friends knew we deserved it, but to have a stranger say it, after reading our story, I felt better. I can't explain it, but it was my "Extreme" validation. This person who didn't know us from anywhere, was just as confused as I was. I felt good.
Does that make sense? Who knows, but I finally feel better.
Mike is doing OK today and Brandon went back to school. I just found out that some parents from the grade school that Courtney and Brandon attended will be holding a garage sale this weekend with the proceeds coming to us. I only say this as another way to thank everyone. I may not know some of the people doing it, and even those I do, I may not get to see them. I just want to thank you ALL, from the bottom on my heart, for your kindness and caring.

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Kerry said...

Yes that does make sense. Hurt me, don't hurt my kids. I am sorry your family had to go through that. Stay strong and hold on.