Saturday, October 31, 2009

God's Love

Brandon stayed at his friends last night. Courtney spent the night at home. I always look forward to Courtney coming home, but lately, she has been so miserable. I KNOW she doesn't like Hofstra, but each and every time she comes home, she starts something. Part of me is happy that she is being a normal teenager, but the other part of me gets upset that I don't have Mike to act as a buffer. I am in this alone and it stinks.
I spent the morning running from store to store to help Courtney get her costume together, but nothing I did was right. She is going with her friends into NYC for the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. I've always wanted to go, but never had the chance. Hopefully she will have a good time and I will be handing out candy on my own.
After the craziness of this morning, I just felt defeated.....AGAIN. I got to the Target parking lot and just dropped my head in my hands. I felt lost and drained. I trudged through with shopping and came home. The mail was waiting for me and in it was a card from a friend that I haven't seen in decades. The saying on the card was one that I had gotten for another friends years ago when she was going through a REALLY rough time. As I read the words, I felt renewed strength. I knew God had wanted me to feel comforted just when I needed it most. I proceeded to go up and take a shower and relax (LOL) a little bit. The trick or treaters had begun, so I figured I'd better rest when I could. As I was lying down I got a call from one of Brandon's friend's mother. She and another friend told me that they were going to bring Thanksgiving dinner to us so I wouldn't have to cook that day. I laid in bed and cried. I had such a bad morning, but the card and the phone call made me realize that people have NOT forgetten. I am not alone and God will make sure that I know that. It's been 3 weeks since our story was in the paper, and people are still reaching out. I thank God every day for the love and support of so many people.


karen said...

I am so glad your day got better. Having Thanksgiving made for you is a dream of mine. I would love someone to bring it to me. I think I will not cook anything. Just can't make up my mine.God is watching over you for sure.

Karen H said...

This Thanksgiving meal will be a TREMENDOUS blessing, especially since my son will be having surgery on his ankle the Tues. before.