Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Crazy Day

Mike's friend Tom came over tonight to visit with him. He's Mike's ONLY friend that has kept visiting Mike all these years. He's our angel. My mom isn't feeling well even though she's been on Cipro for multiple infections as per her dermatologist. I fear she may need IV antibiotics. She's been sick for so long. Courtney came home today to help me with Mike because Brandon was out with his friends and my brother is sick with his CVS (cyclical vomiting syndrome. NOT fun). I had to have help getting Mike into bed. The problem arose when Brandon called to say that he decided to stay at his friend's house for the night. I called out a favor to my good friend Mary. Her and her son came to sit with Mike so I could get Courtney back to school. On one hand I'm upset with Brandon for making these last minute plans, on the other hand I am happy he's getting out.

Calls continue to come in from old friends as well as people we've never met. I'm THRILLED that our story made the impact it did. The Alzheimer organizations here on LI have been getting more calls from people for help and resources. I am happy that we have been able to help people, who otherwise may have never reached out. For those of my "blog family" here on LI, look for the 2nd part of the series this Sunday. For those not in the area, you can still check it out at

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Liz said...

Good Morning Karen,

Another dreary day with a lot of rain on the way (at least that's what the weatherman says). At least it is the weekend. I hope Mike got some enjoyment from his friends visit last evening and I am glad Brandon got some down time with his friends. I know it left you in a lurch but kids his age need time with their friends also. Oh, to be that age again! :) You are such a busy lady that I must assume you have little to no time for yourself. Other than your walks with Gizmo how do you recharge your battery? Or do you?
I am so sorry to hear your Mom is not well and that your brother is not feeling too well either. I am glad you have had restored contact with old friends and are making new contacts through the awareness you have brought about regarding EOAD. I almost feel guilty saying I look forward to the second part of the Newsday series tomorrow. Unfortunately it is a reality and it is awakening an awareness with EOAD that had never been talked about before and I am a Registered Nurse. I never knew about early onset Alzheimers. I always thought it happened in older people. Its something they don't even talk about in Nursing school, at least not when I went.
I hope the weekend allows you a little time to rest and relax. Maybe you can watch the Yankees with Mike ( even though you are a Met fan).