Sunday, January 4, 2009

Quality of Life

I've been approached by a few people along this journey that have questioned Mike's quality of life. I've never wavered in my answer to that question. As long as Mike is breathing, he is alive. For as long as he is alive, I will give him the best care I possibly can.

Quality of life- as long as Mike is breathing on his own, with no help, I will know he still wants to be here with us. His spirit to live is strong enough to sustain him and my goal will be to continue to feed that spirit. I will know when Mike is tired and he can no longer do this. But even then, I will love him and care for him for as long as he breathes.

Quality of life - to me he's got it when he turns his head toward our voice, when he smiles at us, when he's got a complete look of contentment. One cannot ask for a better quality of life.

Tomorrow is Mike's 44th birthday. When I look back at the 8 years he's suffered from this disease, it breaks my heart. He HAS suffered, but his will to live has definitely remained.

He is our Energizer Bunny- with the will to live and a good quality of life.

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