Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nice Surprise from an Angel

I got a surprise phone call yesterday morning from an old friend. Her daughter and Courtney were friends when they were younger and she taught dance at Courtney's grade school. She is one of those people that's just plain thoughful, and she's beautiful also, so I can see why some people may not like her (LOL). She's just genuinely nice. I have not spoken to her in YEARS. Sure we exchange Christmas cards, but that's it. She was a HUGE help for us when Mike was first diagnosed. She was an angel then and she's proven she still is now.

She opened a dance studio a few years back. She called me to tell me that each year they have a dance show and all proceeds go to the charity of choice. She decided this year, that she was going to donate to an Alzheimer's organization in honor of Mike. This brought tears to my eyes. Here is someone that I haven't spoke to in years, who tells me that she thinks about us often, that will be putting alot of effort and time into a fundraiser in honor of Mike. She called to find out what organization I felt would be best to donate to. I gave her two names, one local and one national.

I am continually surprised by the generosity of SO MANY many people. I said it before and I'll say it again, I am truly humbled by the kindness and thoughfulness of so many people. I have been a witness to many angels.

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