Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have been negligent in posting this last week. It was CRAZY at work with my boss being away. I am happy to say thought that all remained "status quo" for the 8 days he was away. The pressure on me each morning when I left for work was huge. I knew if anything happened with Mike, no matter how minor, I would have had to call my boss in Aruba and let him know. He would have had to cut his trip short and head back home. So not only was I worried about Mike, but I was concerned about my responsibility at work. All the concern was for naught, beacuse everything went fine.
Mike is holding his own, albeit, it still looks like he's losing weight. He is still eating his 2 meals a day, so I'm not sure why this would happen. I did read somewhere that toward the end of the disease, people lose weight because their body doesn't process food normally.
I left CNN on when I left work today and told Mike that we were going to have a new President. I explained the historical significance and wanted him to "witness" history. I wonder if he understood anything. We re-played Obama's speech when we got home, so we could all listen together.
HOPE - it's what on everyone's mind.

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