Tuesday, January 13, 2009

5 out of 8

Today I BARELY made it through the 5th day of my boss being away. Last week wasn't so bad, but after the second day of the phones being quiet, I had a horrible feeling in my gut. "Maybe everyone took off an extra week and next week (this week) will be busy". My intuition was correct and the last 2 days have been horrible. I can spend an entire day trying so hard to accomodate a client and move mountains to schedule their closing because their rate expires, they have no place to live, or they just want to be plain difficult. I accomplish the impossible and inevitably, the client is still NOT happy. It's so difficult when they complain about the most benign issues, when I have the life I have at home. I know everything is relative, but sometimes, their attitudes push me to the limit.

When I left the office, I thought about coming home to "relax". As soon as I started feeling down that there is no such thing, I realized how thankful am to still have Mike at home with us and that the children and I are healthy and I have a home to go to. The one thing I DO miss is having a room in my home to escape to. Everyone here has a place all their own, where they can go and gather their thoughts or just be ALONE for a while. I don't have that. I have nowhere to go to be by myself. I needed that today, but there was no place to "escape".


Carl in NC said...

I sometimes escape in the chair next to our bed with my ipod and favorite music playing while Shannon sleeps. Everyone is in bed, it's quiet and I put on some of my favorite artists.

I pray that you will have a more peaceful rest of the week! You are doing a great job -- you are a great wife, mom, sister, aunt ...

Take care and God bless,


Karen H said...

Carl -

Thank you, as always for your support. I inherited my son's Nano when he got his new iPod, and the kids downloaded alot of my favorite songs. I should do the same thing. I survived the week, YEAH!!! How is Shannon?