Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Veteran's Day

Everything is pretty much the same here. We all had off yesterday (from school and work). Courtney had to go out to her friend's house to work on a project and I took Brandon and his friend to see the movie Role Models. It was a busy day, but doing fun (different) stuff, so it was OK. A nurse came by to check Mike and he's doing "well". The podiatrist also came by to check that never-ending infection on his toe. Thankfully, it FINALLY seems to have disappeared. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

I felt bad because this may have been the first year since the kids were small that I did not take them to the Veterans Memorial to pay respects to their grandfather (Navy in WWII) and all the other servicemen/woman who serve us so well. My dad was very patriotic ad I am pleased to say that I passed that on to Courtney and Brandon. Even though we all had our busy schedules, Brandon remembered what day it was. He seemed genuinely disappointed that we were not going to get to the Memorial. I assured him that we would try to get there this weekend.

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