Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today was a busy Saturday, as usual. Mike still seems to be status quo. Can't complain I guess. Brandon is sick with a sinus infection.....AGAIN. We have to try to get him to the doctor next week (he had his ENT appt. the following week). We also found out that the Newsday article that was originally supposed to be out in November, then December, then January will be out in February. We joke around with the reporter that it will never make it to print, but we are thankful that they are taking their time to release it knowing when it will be done right. We had been working with them (reporter and photographer) for a year when our story was written, so they got to see first hand what living with EOAD is all about.

We also added a link to our blog (on the right side) about a family we got to know through Alzheimer's Foundation of America and the JCC. They also live here in NY and the husband was diagnosed at an early age also. One of their daughters goes to the same school as Courtney and Brandon. I am so pleased that other younger families are beginning to speak out to bring attention to this disease that is NOT just an "old person's disease".

Pray for ALL those families.

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