Monday, November 17, 2008

Pastoral Visit

Last night our Pastor, Father Ralph came to visit us. I was looking forward to talking about a few things and hopefully getting the kids to open up a bit more with their feelings. The visit was a success and the kids were pleased to see that Father Ralph has the same sick sense of humor as we do. Our sense of humor has really seen us through the darkest of times, it's something we try to never lose. Of course there are times when humor is not appropriate, but in dealing with hardship day in and day out, especially Alzheimer's Disease, I often think it is our sense of humor that has carried us through. Courtney made her famous Monkey Bread and she made another one for him to take back to the rectory.

Mike is still holding his own. Thankfully, with Father Ralph's understanding and guidance, I was finally able to open up about how difficult the end stage of this disease has been. I just want Courtney and Brandon to realize that I am NOT giving up on Mike and I NEVER will. My biggest fear was that when Mike does pass, they will blame me for not doing all I could. I believe we were able to put that on the table last night and come away with a better understanding and love.

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