Friday, November 21, 2008

The Ignorance of Some

My family and I are HUGE Ellen DeGeneres fans. Not only do we love her sense of humor, but we also love the fact of how much she gives back. She doesn't give cars away to her entire audience, but she gives back in more quiet, unobtrusive ways. She seems to be a genuine, caring and thoughtful person. Because of this we LOVE her show, but quite often don't have the chance to watch it. So, we DVR her shows (our area's equivelant to TiVo). We are far behind right now, we're still watching shows from September, but we look forward to days when we have "Ellen-a-thons" when we watch about 3-4 a night.

Over the weekend we watched a show from September 17th. One of Ellen's guests was the writer of the very popular book series (now turned movie), Twilight. The author's name is Stephenie Meyer. Ellen introduced her and began to ask her questions, the first one of which was, "where did you get this idea from?". Ms. Meyer begins to explain that she's a mom of three children blah, blah, blah then blurts out........ "I HEARD THAT PREGNANCY CAN CAUSE EARLY ONSET ALZHEIMER'S........... WITH THREE CHILDREN, I SEEM TO FORGET EVERYTHING".

Well, that's all I needed to hear. I'm not sure who's head snapped around faster, mine, Courtney's, Brandon's or my brother's. I immediately asked Courtney to turn it off. I couldn't hear the woman speak another word.

How dare she get on national television, in front of millions of people and make a comment like that???? Does she also joke about cancer, heart disease, ALS etc???? How careless can one person be?? One cannot argue that she didn't know what she was saying, because she even narrowed it down to EARLY ONSET, which means she knew darn well it affected younger people.

I went on line right away to find her web site. Not surprisingly, there's no option to contact her through her web site. Courtney Googled her and was able to find her publisher. I will be writing a letter to her voicing MY opinion. If anyone cares to do the same, you can contact her at: Stephenie Meyer at Little Brown Co. C/O Author Mail, 237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017.

It's ignorant, stupid people like her that this disease definitely does not need.

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