Thursday, November 27, 2008

Be Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving.

Today I gave a toast before dinner. I expressed my thanks for all those present for their love, support and help all these years in helping me care for Mike. I have been truly blessed. This disease makes it nearly impossible for me to care for Mike by myself. My family has been with me through thick and thin and I am forever grateful. I know some of my family tend to focus on all that they don't have. They are riddled with illnesses - none of them serious. But they tend to feel sorry for themselves - "Woe is me". In my toast I tried to remind everyone present how truly thankful we all should be. We could always have more of something, but in retrospect, we have enough of everything. We have roofs over our heads, food on our table and our health. I asked that whenever we feel a little sad, to think about those less fortunate. Especially during these times, when everything is so touch and go with the economy, when misfortune could come to us in the blink of an eye - we need to appreciate each other and every thing we have been blessed with. Today is truly a day of Thanksgiving.

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