Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bad Morning

This morning was QUITE scary. Mike woke up a little more "limp" thank usual, but I wasn't too concerned because usually once he gets fluids into him, he "wakes up". I helped Mary get him ready and left for work. Just as I pulled into my office parking lot, my mom called from the house, "Karen, you need to come home right away". I asked "Why, what's happening?". She said that something was wrong with Mike, the aide wanted to call an ambulance, but she wouldn't do it without my OK. I raced home. I was almost home when my mom called again to tell me that they had put the oxygen on Mike and he opened his eyes and seemed to be "coming around". Apparently, he was totally unresponsive and they couldn't find his pulse.

By the time I got in the house, he seemed to be OK. He was eating and drinking. I called hospice and this time had no problem. His nurse got there in about an hour. She checked him COMPLETELY. His blood pressure was perfect (120/80), his pulse good (72), his lungs were clear and he had no fever. We were at a loss as to what could have caused his complete unresponsiveness. Then the nurse said he may have had a "S" (you all know I VERY RARELY say [or type] the word). This would make perfect sense, since after the very first one he had, this was how he was afterward. The only difference was is that this time, he didn't scream or shake. The nurse explained that there are all different kinds of "S's". She was convinced this is what happened. My concern is that because of his lathargy, Mike missed an hour of eating and drinking, which is key for Mike. His schedule must be exact.

So now we wait. Hopefully whatever it was passed, without any lingering affects.

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Carl in NC said...

Just said a prayer for you all.