Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In Hospital

Today I arranged to have Mike taken to the Hospice's in-patient hospital since his temperature never went away. This morning it was 103.5 and I got VERY concerned. When the ambulance came to get him, his blood pressure was very low - 77/?. They were concerned about transporting him that way. Once he got the the hospital, they connected him to more oxygen. Eventually, the got him on an IV and they started him on Cipro. They are concerned that the infection may have gone into his bloodstream. When I asked if they could still treat it, they said yes, but they have to be more aggressive and treat with more than one antibiotic. While I was with Mike tonight, his fever went up yet again and I was glad that I made the decision I did. I still feel bad that I didn't get him to the hospital sooner.
I pray for the best, but I'm always concerned when Mike gets sick that he will not rebound.

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Carl in NC said...

Keep your head up, you are doing the very best that you can. These things are so unpredictable, so don't second guess yourself. I pray that Mike's fever will subside and that you can get some rest...