Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fever Gone

Mike seems to be doing better today. His breathing is calmer and he hasn't had a fever since last night. That's an accomplishment. He has had a really high fever for 5 days and I cannot even imagine the toll it has taken on him. Elaine (his aide, our angel) said he ate breakfast and lunch and drank some. When I got there after work, he was sleeping - soundly. It made my heart lift just to see him so calm. He had been struggling for so long with the fever. His blood pressure is still low (88/62) and I'm hoping once the infection subsides and he gets more hydrated, it will rise. They are treating him as though he is septic, but the blood cultures have not come back yet - it will still be 2 more days.

My day at work was very emotional. There were some mix-ups regarding some time off that I had requested. It eventually worked iteself out, but not until after my boss got angry and I got upset. It just brought to light the fact that we have not had a vacation in years and what we had been looking forward to was almost taken away. I realized how excited the kids and I were about something so small, and how others look to larger things for happiness. With all the emotional turmoil we have been going through this last week, I did not need this added to it.

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