Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today is my dad's birthday and I miss him SO MUCH.

My dad was my strength and sounding board. He was patient yet firm. He always had a smile on his face, no matter how bad things were for him. He was always laughing. His faith had grown over the years and that faith provided him much comfort in his later years. One of his favorite songs was "Smile" and that epitomized him. I often find myself singing that song and realizing just how much of him I have become.

I have HUGE issues in my life, issues that would otherwise break some very strong people. But because of my father's influence, I have been able to remain strong and always find the best in a bad situation. I see so much of my dad in myself, and I am proud of that. He was my hero and that will never change. There are nights when I talk to Mike and I realize that I married a man very much like my dad. Mike endured some horrific losses at such a young age, yet he never let that get him down. His faith is what carried him and he never lost HOPE. Despite losing both his parents at a very young age, Mike lived life to the fullest and was always happy. It's not to say that neither my dad nor Mike was ever not sad, but they wouldn't let that waste of energy consume them. Life is for the living.............

I wished my dad a happy birthday early this morning, and then must have fallen back to sleep. What a wonderful gift I received when I closed my eyes. There was my dad in my dream, speaking to me and being his strong, happy self. I wish he was here with me today (and every day), but I know what an amazing gift he gave me....The gift of love, faith, the gift of laughter and hope.

Happy Birthday dad - I love you and miss you....................

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