Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fever is Back

After last night, I felt a little more relaxed, but that changed today when I found out that Mike's fever came back.
He had a good morning - ate and drank. On my way to the hospital, I called his room and spoke to his aide who told me about his temperature. It was 102. After all the postive feelings I had last night, I was obviously disheartened. When I got there, his face was all flushed again and his breathing was fast. I hate seeing him like this. They took more blood to culture it again. I don't think the first culture showed anything. I don't know how he is dealing with this.
Meanwhile, Courtney went into NYC tonight to see David Cook perform at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square. The only problem, the friend she was going with bailed on her this afternoon and she wound up going in by herself. I was surprised and dumbfounded that she decided to do this on her own. I was angry that her friend did this to her, but Courtney was not going to let that stop her. She took the train by herself, waited on line by herself (SRO), enjoyed the concert by herself and is now taking the train home by herself. My nights of no sleep will continue, as I will have to pick her up at the station around 12:25. And tomorrow morning she is leaving at 4am to go BACK into the city for the Good Morning America Concert Series to see David Cook, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. Hopefully, her other friend will not bail on her for that.
I am glad that both she and Brandon are doing their best to lead "normal" lives. I KNOW they love their dad VERY much, and I KNOW he would want them to have fun.

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