Thursday, April 30, 2009

College Decision

Last night, with one day left, Courtney made her decision to go to: Hofstra University.

Yesterday afternoon, Fordham came up with more money for Courtney. This put her into a tizzy. She had convinced herself that she would have to go to Hofstra, and she began to "get excited" about it, then I came home and told her that Fordham offered more aid. After MUCH discussion and consideration, she decided to attend Hofstra and dorm there for at least the first year. If she can't get Fordham out of her head, or really dislikes Hofstra, she will look to transfer to Fordham next year.

This decision was TORTURE for all of us. Courtney will constantly be second guessing herself. It's really unfair that Fordham took so long in making a decision. I faxed my "Request for Reconsideration" last week, but my very FIRST letter to them was in January. I truly believe that if Courtney never thought Hofstra may have to be an option, her thoughts would have ALWAYS been on Fordham. I pray that everything works out just as Courtney hopes. She has WORKED SO HARD these last four years, despite our home situation - she deserves the VERY best.

At least for now, Courtney is in Disney with her senior class and hopefully having the time of her life. I had to take her to her school at 3:30 this morning (their plane left at 7am). She was REALLY nervous about flying for the first time without me, but she did fine. I will be picking her up at the airport on Sunday. I'm so glad that she had this opportunity.

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