Friday, April 10, 2009

Rock Stations of the Cross

Courtney and I just got back from our church's stations of the cross for Good Friday. We went last year and I vowed to not miss it again. It was SO moving and beautiful. Some parishoners act out the Stations while the band from our rock mass sings both church and pop songs. The way they weave the bible into modern day examples is truly amazing. Jesus carries the cross, is whipped (not literally though) and is hung and crucified. In between each Station, the band plays. It is so moving. The night culminates with the Spanish community carrying in the statue of Jesus and everyone sings Hosanna.
I NEEDED this tonight. Mary called this morning and said that she had to come in late (3pm) because she had to move out of her current place (the one next door to us). It doesn't surprise me, especially if she pulls the stuff there that she does here. All the errands I had to run, had to be put off. At 2:45 I called her to make sure she was still coming (a feeling I had) and she said that she couldn't - she just STARTED moving. Needless to say I got NOTHING done at all today - but thankfully, I had off. If I didn't, my boss would not have been happy. Now I have to wonder whether she will be in tomorrow or not. If not, I have NO IDEA how I will get all my stuff done for Easter, since no one else can care for Mike but me. I was so upset, frustrated and beaten, that I NEEDED to go to the service tonight. It DID help.
Happy Easter to all.

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Carl in NC said...

Sounds like a very touching mass. I'm glad you were able to attend this and the sunrise service. We continue to pray for you all.

Take care and God bless,