Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Week in Review

We're still in a holding position with college. Fordham said I needed to fax a "Request for Reconsideration", which I need last week. When I called yesterday to follow-up, they said we should have an answer by Mon-Tues. (deposits for ALL colleges are due on Friday May 1st) If they don't give us more money, then Courtney will be heading off to Hofstra in the fall :( :( :(.

Mike has developed a "bed sore" on his ear lobe. He's had it for a few weeks, but last week, when the hospice nurse came, she put a special covering on it. She instructed me to change it every 3-5 days, which I did today. I don't like the way it looks. The hard part, is trying to keep Mike off that side. Even when he's awake, his head is ALWAYS turned to the right. His ear is ALWAYS on a pillow. His neck muscles are so tight, we can't get his head to turn to the left, no matter how hard we try. Sometimes, he will keep his head straight, but those times are far and few between. We will be keeping an eye on that.

Courtney will be going to Disney on Thursday with her senior class. Six flights with approx 485 students will be trekking to Florida on Thursday and will be coming home on Sunday. It's been at least 3 years since we've been on any kind of vacation, so I'm happy that Courtney will get to go away. Brandon will go also when he's a senior, this is Kellenberg's tradition.

Last night my brother took Courtney, Brandon, & Courtney's friend to the Met game. I had gotten tickets through my job, so they got a chance to go and see the new stadium. They LOVED it - even Brandon and he's a Yankee fan. The fact that the Mets won made to night a success. Fun was had by all. Meanwhile, I stayed home trying to figure out how to get Mike into bed without my helpers. Between me, my mom and her husband Walter, we did it. I told them, for senior citizens, they did pretty damn good.

Tonight Courtney went with friends to the local fair and Brandon went o his friends house to work on a school project, and then he will be sleeping over. Being by myself last night and tonight, I am forced to figure out - what will I do when Mike is gone and the kids are on their own?? It's a frightening thought, but my reality nonetheless.

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