Thursday, April 9, 2009

53 Face Cloths

Things around the house have been pretty intense - actually I would say "on edge". Mike is doing OK, but the aid is giving us alot of problems. For whatever reason, she says we have all "changed" towards her, even Gizmo. She is paranoid and just this week, she really didn't answer any of my questions about Mike. Everytime I would ask her something, she would just shrug her shoulders, or say "I don't know". I'm sure you ask yourself, "why do you keep her?" It's because she's familiar with Mike and gets him to eat and drink. There are not many aids around that can take care of a patient like Mike. Most just want to come and "keep a patient company". In the course of these past 8 years - oh the stories I could tell. I have no idea what will happen, but I can tell you things have been terribly stressful - something I don't need anymore of. I pray everyday that this God loving woman (she walks around all day quoting verses from the bible) sees the undo stress she is causing and tones down her actions.

The kids are finished with their trimesters and are officially on vacation. They both did really well, once again. Courtney's overall average was 95.7 and Brandon's was 94.1. Brandon was REALLY upset with himself because his average went down .1% (last trimester it was 94.2). I can't believe how frustrated he was. I am so proud and happy for both of them. They amaze me.

I did Mike's wash last night and for my own entertainment, I play this game. Last night, among all his other clothes and wash, I folded and counted 53 face cloths. Imagine that!! This is what it all comes down to. Counting wash cloths - and so, another day ends.

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