Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Busy Week

I realize it's been a week since I last wrote. Alot of things have happened. As usual, I've just been very busy. It doesn't help that my boss is away AGAIN.

I am pretty much computer illiterate, and Courtney helps me downlaod pictures. Ideally, I wanted to write AND post pictures, but that didn't happen.

--Last Tuesday, I went to another EOAD dinner. There was a new woman there who monopolized alot of the conversation, but you could tell that she was just busting. She NEEDED to let it all out. She is her husband's caregiver and he is still at home with her. She's a very petite lady, and I'm not sure how she handles everything. What I found somewhat appalling was something her "friend" said to her. She told this woman, "why don't you just let him die?" WHAT!!???? I couldn't believe my ears. What makes matters worse, is there was a gentlemen (a fellow caregiver) there that sympathized with this friend. I had an issue. As caregivers, we are sometimes forced to the brink. We may often wonder what our lives would be like without having to care for our loved one. We EARNED those feelings. We sacrifice so much in the name of love, so we have that right to think that way sometimes. For a friend, who does not live the life we do, to say that to a woman who is watching her husband fade a little further away each day, is unconscionable. We need support, not hurtful words. Think before you speak.
--Saturday I went to my Friendly's reunion. About 50 people who worked together about 20-25 years ago, came from all over (even as far as Canada) to reunite with each other. I had a BLAST. I worked there from the age of 16 to 23 and they were THE BEST days of my life. I always thought that there was something wrong that I often thought about these people and the great times we had. Apparantly there was nothing wrong, since everyone was so eager to get together. I think it says alot about the "kids" we were back then and the adults we've all become. At 17-18 years old, I was a closing "manager in charge". I was in charge of the entire shift (6-10 people), closing the store and counting and depositing the money. I didn't realize at the time what a HUGE responsibility that was. No one took advantage of each other, we all worked well together AND we socialized together. This was like a second family. I don't think kids today have the same kind of work ethic and relationships. Heck, even our manager showed up, still knowing our names and still being the "crazy" guy that he was.
--Monday we had a snow storm. We got about 13 inches of snow and for the first time in 4 years, the kid's school was closed due to a snow day. When they found out on Sunday night that their school would be closed, they were estatic. Between the phone calls, text messaging and e-mails, it almost felt like election night. After the snow was shoveled, we watched The Changeling (GREAT movie), and had home made brownies and hot chocolate. It was GREAT to have a "free" day with the kids, with no running around to stores.
-- Courtney got her itinerary for her Senior Trip to Disney (end of April beg of May) and there's no doubt in my mind that she will come home sick and exhausted. She will only be getting about 4 hours of sleep a night and the night before she comes home, she will probably not have ANY. They will be getting in from the park at 12:30 a.m. and have to be up and be ready with their luggage to catch the bus to the airport by 3:30 a.m. I am SO glad she will get to experience this and I pray that she enjoys every moment. Brandon is already thinking ahead to his senior trip. Two more years will just fly by, I'm afraid.

I hope, with Courtney's help. to add some pictures to this entry...someday.

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