Monday, March 9, 2009

Our Aide Saga

Well, it may have finally happened. My mother may have pushed our aide to the brink and caused she to quit.

Since yesterday, my mom has REALLY been bothered by things she has done. Today she was upset when the aide left for lunch. She does this every day, but today, my mom said she never said where she was going or what time she would be back. My mom called me at work and I SPECIFICALLY told her NOT to say anything and that I would talk to her when I got home. Well, my mom said something anyway, and she called to tell me that Mary was back, but she made about 6 phone calls and she told my mom it would be the last week she workd with us.

I told my mom THREE TIMES not to say anything to her. The two of them clash all the time. They once used to adore each other, but not anymore. My mom is stubborn and deaf and our aide is stubbon and can't speak English. The two together is disaster. Any other time I may find this funny, but not today. After that call, my stomach dropped and I am sick. There is NO DOUBT in my mind that the aide will give her notice. I think she's been having these thoughts for a while now - although considering today's ecomony, you would think she would be happy just to have a job. I mean, yesterday she told us that Gizmo hated her. She apparently knows someone who worked with a family for 6 years and the dog never bothered them, then one day it attacked. According to her, ALL dogs are evil.

I've said it before. The ONLY reason why I've put up with her nonsense (I don't want to be crude on the blog) is because she gets Mike to eat and drink. I get just as frustrated with her as anyone. Now my concern is what will happen to Mike? Even IF the agency can find another aide, will they be able to handle Mike? Will they be able to get him to eat?

Everything happens for a reason, but right now I just can't see it. I fear going home to hear what she has to say. I fear that she will just walk out without ANY explanation....then where will we be?

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