Monday, March 23, 2009

Fun Times

Everything is still "status quo", reassuring me once again that Mike IS the Energzier Bunny.

Courtney went out Friday night with her friends and came home later than normal. I knew where she was and when she was coming home, but I was STILL a nervous wreck. How I wish that I had Mike with me to calm my fears. She came home at 1:30 a.m. as planned. I've tried to tell her over and over again, I trust her implicitly, it's the other nuts driving around at that hour that make me nervous. We got through that night unscathed - thankfully.

Brandon's turn came on Saturday night. His friend's mom invited a few of the boys to the movies and out to dinner for her son's 16th birthday. I was trying to reach him all night to determine when I would have to pick him up. FINALLY at 10pm he called to say that he would be sleeping over his friend's house. By 10:01pm I was in my PJ's.

I started the search with Courtney for dresses for all her upcoming events: her friend asked her to be her Confirmation Sponsor (June), in lieu of a prom her school has a "Senior Send Off" where they take the kids into the city and they take a dinner cruise around Manhattan (June) and then there's graduation (also June). Although June is 3 months away, it's not enough time to find outfts for my daughter who HATES dressing up. She LOVES casual attire, so dresses, shoes and stockings are torture for her. This in turn, tranforms into torture for me. Courtney is not a very "polite" person when she is stressed or angry/frustrated. It's going to be a L-O-N-G 3 months....................

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