Saturday, March 28, 2009


Yesterday, my good friend held a fundraiser with all proceeds going to the 2 organizations of my choice: Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation and Alzheimer's Assocation. It WAS a success and they raised $3,300.00. I was so happy and humbled by all those that attended and donated money. I can't even say enough about all the dancers who performed. The amount of time and energy they put into this performance was unbelievable. Everyone that paid the $20.00 for the ticket was pleasantly surprised. I apologize for the "out of focus" picture, but it was one of the best ones we had.

This was just one more example of the generosity of strangers and the kindness of friends. Amazingly, this journey has made us well aware of all the good in this world.

On the COMPLETE flipside, we are also reminded of the meaness of others. This morning when I opened the curtains in our front room and saw a hole in the window. Looking closer I saw that apparantly someone had shot a BB gun at our front window. In fact, the BB was still inside the window. I called the police and reported the incident, just in case anything else happens. It unnerves me to think about what would have happened if it went through BOTH panes of glass. Now I have to call the insurance company to see if I'm covered.

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