Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crazy Aide Days

Well, Mary is still with us, but I never know what is happening from day to day.

The day after my mom thought she heard the aide say that she was giving her week's notice, I called the agency and asked them if they heard anything. They hadn't. Yesterday, Mary took the morning off to go to the doctor. She came in at 1:30 (I had to leave to go get my taxes done) and appeared OK. I asked her three times how everything went at the doctor and she just shrugged me off. No one can believe me when I say she just doesn't answer me sometimes. After my third attempt, I didn't ask anymore. Today, she showed up late and said she didn't feel well. I asked her AGAIN how everything went at the doctor and she said "I never went". So what did she do all morning?? I could have been at work - I DO have other responsibilities. Now I will be waiting for her to spring another "day off" on me so she could go to the doctor.

Mike seems to be doing OK. I'm not sure if he had a temperature the other day or if he was just too bundled up. One day at a time.

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