Friday, March 27, 2009

The Wet Bar

Years ago, the front room of our home was an outdoor porch. The people we bought the house from had enclosed that porch and built a "wet bar" in it. When Mike and I saw the house for the first time, we were so excited about the bar. Our sellers had told us that every Friday night, they would have a "date night". They would sit at the bar together, no matter what was going on in their lives" and have a drink and discuss their kids, work etc. Mike and I were hoping we would be able to carry on that tradition. We did have a few parties that first year in the house and we did utilize the wet bar. I have great memories of those days, but once the kids came along, that became their "play room". Mike and I would often joke about the transition. It was a great location for the kids to play because it was right off the living room and they could be within eyesight. At Christmas time, we put our tree in that room, so the presents and mayhem would be out of the way.
It is that room that we have made our bedroom. When Mike began having a difficult time negotiating the stairs, one of the contractors he knew, volunteered his time and ripped out the wet bar and old cast iron radiator in order to make room for our bed. With some other minor repairs and changes, some paint, new lights and a beautiful wall tapestry, it has become "our room". The same reasons it was a good playroom for the children are the same reasons why it's a good bedroom for Mike and I. After he's in bed at night, he is right there for us to see and check on, but still in his own room. It's quiet and peaceful.
Since Mike hasn't been able to speak for about 5 years now, I have come to relish the time that I share with him in the room. It's just he and I, closed off from the world. I often lay there and think back to the day we first saw the house and the wet bar. Mike was so excited that he would have a room to call his very own. How ironic.
Whenever I get sick, like I've been this week, I sleep on the couch in the living room, so as to keep my germs away from Mike as much as possible. It's then that I realize just how much I miss him. I don't see him all day because I'm at work, and nightime is the only time we get to be together. Mike may not be able to talk to me, but when I lay there with him, I talk to HIM. I tell him about the kids, work etc.
We may not be sitting at a wet bar, but the tradition continues......

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