Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Well, today is the "official" end to summer. Where did it go?

Our summer started off on a bad note. Mike was hospitalized in May/June and so our summer began. After some very nerve wracking weeks, Mike came home and started to gain strength back. We had MAJOR changes with regard to letting Nathan go, but so far, things seem to have worked themselves out. The hospice rep will be here tomorrow so that I can re-sign documents and Mike will be enrolled as of then. I pray that it works out. I believe that just knowing that a nurse will be here once a week (and more if necessary), gives me a sense of comfort. Over time, we hope she will get to know what's "normal" for Mike and what to be concerned about. Our goal is to basically keep Mike out of the hospital as mush as necessary.

Nathan came by yesterday and visited us. We couldn't "read" Mike, but I hope he knew that Nathan was there. We gave Nathan his custome made T-shirt for the Memory Walk and he loved it. We made shirts for everyone with a picture of themselves and Mike on the front. Unfortunately, Nathan has to work the day of the walk and cannot walk with us, but he will be with us in spirit. He looked well and we were all happy to see each other.

I took the kids school supply shopping yesterday. My kids love getting their notebooks etc. Courtney is looking forward to school, Brandon doesn't say much. Courtney has SO MUCH going on this year, it's making MY head spin.

Today I HOPE to relax. LOL. We had a busy weekend trying to get things together for next weekend's BBQ/Lemonade sale to kick off the Memory Walk. Courtney's 17th birthday is Friday (where di those 17 years go?????).
With all that I do each day, why do I always feel guilty when I want to take a few hours to just relax?
Goodbye summer, hello school year.

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