Monday, September 29, 2008


Mike has been doing OK. He DID have a few "off" days last week, but he rebounded. There are days when he doesn't want to eat breakfast, but he will finish off his dinner in no time and vice versa. While I am thrilled that he will at least eat one of the meals, I am realistic in the fact that he is slowing down. I remember the day when Mike could eat THREE big meals a day. Now he's down to 2, sometimes 1. Last week, when I had a few minutes alone with Mike, I promised him that I would NEVER make him eat what he couldn't. I told him that he could eat when he wanted, what he wanted. I will NEVER force him to eat, especially if he can't and I wanted him to know that.

We saw Father Ralph on our way into mass last night and it was so sweet that he remembered that he would be coming back to talk with us (our last meeting was short and rushed). He told us that he prayed for us everyday. It is comforting to know. He told us that he would be away for 2 weeks (he and his fellow priests that were ordained 25 years ago are taking a trip to Italy. Kudos for them and God Bless), but he would be available to meet us when he gets back. We are well aware of his busy schedule and we feel blessed and humbled that he will make the time for us.

Courtney and I watched "College Road Trip" on cable this weekend. I thought it was a funny movie and for the most part it was, UNTIL THE END. Needess to say, the tears wouldn't stop. As their daughter was waving to the parents, as she was opening the door to her dorm, the father flashed back to the time was she was a child, waving at the camera. The flashbacks continued as she walked through the door of her dorm for good.
In my heart, I KNOW when this happens with us, things will change FOREVER. Courtney will no longer be that child, she will be living on her own, making her own decisions. And just like in the movie, I will ask, where did time go?

Part of me will always question my decision in keeping Mike at home and how much, if any, impact this had on Courtney and Brandon. I pray that they didn't miss too much of their childhood, as I always tried to make time for them to do "normal" things when we could. I am comfortable in saying that I feel this experience with Mike has made them stronger, more compassionate and humbling individuals and in the grand scheme of things, and what's important in life - they are EXTREMELY BLESSED.

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Carl in NC said...

I agree, relationships and family are what's MOST important in life besides our walk with the Lord! I know that they will treasure the time that they spent and seeing first hadn what it means to truly love and be committed to someone in marriage. You and Mike are a great example!

Take care and God bless,

Carl in NC